Cell Therapy (Mesenchymal Stem Cells)


Cell therapy consists of using the renewal capacity of stem cells toidentify the damaged tissue or organ and regenerate it.

Can I be cured with adult stem cells?

Stem cells have regenerative capacity, they can restore the functionality of tissues and organs, the degree of regeneration and clinical improvement depend on each particular patient and the type disease specific. In some pathologies it can mean a very important improvement either by stopping the deterioration of affected organs, recovering their function and significantly improving the quality of life of the patient.

What are the advantages of adult stem cells?

They are young cells with greater capacity for regeneration and renewal, with a longer average lifespan. length. There are no incompatibility problems since the adult stem cells do not recognize the rest of the tissues as foreign, therefore, they do not generate rejection. These cells allow us multiply them (cell expansion) to get millions and billions. In addition, they can regenerate any damaged tissue. 


What restrictions should I have when taking cell therapy? 


Cell therapy is personalized, so the type of medical restrictions depends on each individual. patient, however, a general recommendation is not to consume alcoholic beverages or tobacco It has been shown that consuming them can significantly reduce the potential of cells adult mother.

How are the CMM applied and how often are they applied?


The intravenous route is generally preferred for infusion, as MSCs are transported by bloodstream and can be recruited into damaged tissues due to their ability to recognition of cellular signals of damage or inflammation. Hospitalization is not required and lasts approximately 30 minutes. The duration of cell therapy and the number of applications varies depending on the type of disease and its progress. MSCs can also be administered intra-articular route, especially for degenerative knee problems, where they have been shown to multiple anti-inflammatory effects and stimulation of cartilage repair.

How do adult stem cells work?

They enter the body, identify damaged tissue and stimulate the production of new cells and functional. The purpose of cell therapy with adult MSCs is to provide a complementary treatment option for people who have eligibility criteria of their application according to their diagnosis, always and when documented scientific evidence indicates its benefit for various ailments such as: chronic-degenerative, autoimmune, cardiovascular and nervous system diseases