Ultracativacion y Radiofrecuencia

Ultracativacion y Radiofrecuencia

Tratamiento Reafirmante

Tratamiento Reafirmante



PRP Plasma rico Plaquetas

PRP Plasma rico Plaquetas



Rejuvenecimiento Medicina Estetica
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Rejuvenation / Aesthetic Medicine

At Medibiológica we offer a variety of treatments ranging from:

- Botox application

- Application of enzymes

- Hydrolipoclasis

- Homeosynia

- Mesotherapy

- Microdemabrasion

- Medical peeling

- Lip contouring and augmentation

- Platelet-rich plasma for facial and alopecia rehabilitation

- Tensor threads

- Fillers for the face

- Acne treatment

- Firming treatments

- Ultra cavitation and radiofrequency


What does Mesotherapy consist of? In the administration of small doses of drugs of recognized efficacy for the treatment of different alterations. The best known and that generates the greatest interest in patients is the reduction of the fat pad, in regions where the adipose tissue is located, causing the elimination of fat and improving circulation as a complementary treatment for cellulite.

It is also used in the revitalization of the face and neck, alopecia in men and women, keloid scars and acne. Includes an ultrasound session in the application area.



How does Microdermabrasion work? It removes the superficial layers of the skin immediately, painlessly and without disability; Using diamond tips of different calibers, dead and damaged cells are removed, while the growth of new cells, blood circulation and the formation of collagen fibers are stimulated.

Combining this procedure with proper care of the skin, it becomes smoother giving a healthy appearance.

Advantages of Microdermabrasion

• Recovery of skin quality and rebuilds healthy skin

• Reduces wrinkles, hardening and aging of the skin

• Improves expression lines, sagging skin and removes marks

• Easily controlled, no side effects, safe and reliable

• Fast recovery; the patient's work and social activities are not affected after treatment

• Improves open pores, small scars and concave indentations

• Does not cause irritation, and is not painful

• Suitable for various skin types, including sensitive skin

• Results can be seen from the first application