What is Homotoxicology?

Homotoxicology is a medical science that studies the action of homotoxins in physiological processes and their presence generates a state altering health which we call disease. This branch of Biological Medicine considers diseases as a state in which the body, through a set of natural defense reactions such as fever, diarrhea, inflammation and even life-threatening diseases, faces the action of toxins, which can be defined as substances that have penetrated the human body, causing harmful effects on the organs, favoring the appearance of diseases.

These toxins can be of exogenous origin such as bacteria, viruses, environmental pollution, chemical food preservatives, pesticides, poisons, tobacco, alcohol, drug abuse, junk food, etc. Or they can be endogenous, which are those that come from the cells' own metabolism and that cannot be eliminated, such as cholesterol and uric acid, urea, indoles, among others.

For the treatment of diseases with homotoxicology, a table of phases was developed on which the state of the disease is indicated in order to consider how to treat it, these phases are:


1. Excretion Phase
It is the normal condition, where the entire enzyme system and elimination organs work properly. At this stage the body is capable of eliminating toxins in the body by itself.

2. Inflammation Phase It is the condition where the body already begins to have to make an effort to eliminate toxins and does so with visible manifestations, such as pain, inflammation, cough, suppuration, etc.

3. Deposition Phase:
At this stage, an impregnation of the supporting tissue begins to take place, with residual toxins and the enzymatic mechanisms begin to be affected.


4. Impregnation phase:
Here, the immunological barrier is surpassed and the toxins begin to penetrate into the interior of the cell, affecting the enzymatic systems that become slower and less efficient, causing dysfunction and biological imbalance.

5. Degeneration Phase: In this phase the cells, being deprived of their normal elements, begin to degenerate and transform into cells without normal work capacity.

6. De-differentiation phase:
This is the last stage of the disease and here the carcinotoxins appear that transform this altered cell into a cancer cell.


Likewise, antihomotoxic medicine has three fundamental pillars that are used to restore the balance of our body in the best possible way. These three pillars are used to protect the body and the functioning of all organs and systems, in addition to increasing the immune system, thus helping to better respond to your cancer therapy.


The pillars are the following:

·     Detoxification and Drainage: It is the basis of bio-regulation therapy. Medications are administered whose pharmaceutical combination stimulates the body's natural processes to eliminate toxins. The drainage of the lymph nodes is improved, favoring the mobilization of toxins throughout the body, the functions of the liver and kidneys are reinforced to facilitate their elimination. Simultaneous activation is what produces a complete and deep detoxification of the entire organism.

·     Immuno-modulation: It is a self-regulating system that produces pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory substances that must be in an adequate balance of production so that the body is disease-free. When cancer cells are destroyed by the effect of chemotherapy, they generate the release of many free toxic substances (free radicals and others) that affect the metabolism of other healthy cells.

Homotoxicology medications have the ability to interact at this level, favoring the production of these anti-inflammatory substances and achieving a balance of the immune system, their usefulness has been scientifically proven.

· Cell Strengthening: Homotoxicology medicines have the ability to act at the cellular level, replenishing all the biochemical elements that the cell needs to work, it has different medicines that you will not find in conventional medicine or in Homeopathy, all with the aim of increase metabolism, nutrition and cellular oxygenation, protecting organs and tissues from their degenerative tendency.

The biological medicines that are used are prepared in specialized laboratories, they are made following the homeopathic procedures of the German Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia based on natural elements in micro doses. Heel pharmaceutical products are not opposed to traditional ones and can be complemented. It is an adjuvant to treat any type of pathology. That is, it can be applied in all cases where any type of physiological alteration of the body is present. This specialization of medicine helps in cases of bleeding in surgical procedures, in the eradication of inflammation, in cancer treatments and in autoimmune diseases.