Neural Therapy is a method of treating diseases caused by disorders in the body's electrical system, called interference fields, which works on the Vegetative Nervous System (SNV). The purpose of Neural Therapy is to facilitate the self-healing mechanisms of the sick organism, through non-specific stimuli at specific points.

The application of this therapy is based on the detoxification of diseased tissues, as well as correcting abnormal electro-chemical signals that originate in superficial and deep lesions.

How does Neural Therapy work?

Any infection, inflammation, trauma, scarring, dental condition, etc. suffered in any part of the body, as well as stressful psychic conditions, can act as an Interfering Field. To neutralize these irritations, a substance called procaine is injected into the points of the nervous system that are considered to be most irritated and that could be determining factors in the disease. The improvement achieved with Neural Therapy can be immediate and usually increases with repetition, until reaching the absence of symptoms; unlike pharmacological therapy in which the body ends up getting used to the drug, it being necessary to change it or increase the dose to achieve similar effects.

Due to its pharmacological properties, procaine is said to have a sympatholytic action, reducing the perception of stress and pain, accompanied by a vegetative reaction and adaptation syndrome, exerting an anti-adrenergic, antihistamine, anti-inflammatory, vasodilator, analgesic, and capillarizing effect.