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Ozono Medicina Biológica
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Ozone / Biological Medicine

At Medibiológica we offer a variety of treatments ranging from:

- IV Infusion Therapy

- Ozone Therapies or Oxygenation Ozone Therapy

- Homotoxicology Therapies

- Orthomolecular Therapies

- Neural Therapy

- Cellular therapy


Biological medicine is a specialty focused on the restoration of health through the self-healing capacity of the organism.

Diseases are caused by the accumulation of toxins in the body, due to poor nutrition, excessive medication, poor oxygenation and poor waste elimination. It is aimed at seeing the patient in an integral way, not only treating the symptom or the disease, it focuses on correcting the internal imbalances that trigger the ailments.

Biological therapies detoxify, balance and strengthen our entire system, do not produce undesirable side effects and can be combined with any conventional treatment. In every individual there is a natural tendency to health. Biological medicine does nothing more than enhance the very means available to the body to deal with the disease.

Many people are turning to biological medicine when they are sick, and there is a constant (and growing) search for a healthier lifestyle and medicines without chemicals that produce undesirable side effects.


Biological medicine contemplates a set of diagnostic and treatment techniques characterized by therapies used that are based on the fundamental principles of Regulatory Medicine:

• Treat the patient globally, not the disease.

• Interruption and elimination of pathological or toxic loads.

• Principle of stimulus-reaction.

• Integral reaction of the organism.

• Efficiency of directed minimal stimuli.

• Activation of self-healing forces.

Ozone as a therapeutic agent works a medical ozone generator, specially designed to administer the necessary dose for each particular patient; useful in all kinds of chronic and degenerative diseases, especially in circulatory, digestive and bone joint problems.


At Medibiológica we offer a variety of Ozone treatments to help:

• Accelerate the use of glucose by cells for use in diabetic patients

• Direct reaction on unsaturated fatty acids that become water-soluble, allowing the elimination of localized adiposities and cellulite

• Regulate cellular oxidative stress (anti-free radicals)

• Germicidal effect: bactericidal, virucidal, mycotic against antimycotic, parasiticide

• Regenerative action on cells and tissues promoting the healing of ulcers, bedsores and wounds


• Block the release of substances involved in the sensation of pain, achieving an analgesic effect.