The application of growth factors + exosomes on the skin and/or scalp promote biostimulation and tissue regeneration, resulting in revitalized, hydrated and luminous skin. The skin tone is more even, thus improving the appearance, elasticity and turgor of the skin. The face appears visibly younger and smoother, thus correcting the signs of aging while respecting its natural appearance.

Hair loss (alopecia) is one of the most frequent causes of consultation in both men and women, so applying the product once a month regenerates the hair follicle, stopping hair loss and stimulating its growth. Little by little, new blood vessels are formed and the anabolic functions of the cells are reactivated with the consequent increase in the production of elastin and collagen.
It is recommended to carry out a session a month for three consecutive months. Depending on the results, it is recommended to repeat a maintenance session after six months.

 The treatment does not require any prior preparation, and after the procedure the patient can lead a normal life, not needing rest or special measures, so reintegration into social and work life is immediate.