As the years go by, our skin loses its vitality and tone, causing sagging, wrinkles and expression marks. The appearance of the signs of aging develops in all people, some with greater intensity than others, due to lifestyle and skin care.

Thread Lifts give us a second chance; It offers us the possibility of getting our skin to recover its tension and youthful appearance.

Polydioxanone or PDO tensor threads are very fine threads that are inserted under the skin to achieve a regenerative lifting effect. They form a support structure for sagging tissues and stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin, thus redensifying the skin.

Polydioxanone or PDO is a material used in cardiac surgery sutures, which is why it is fully compatible, resorbable and sterile. The most frequent areas of application of the PDO threads are in the eyebrows to lift them, cheeks to reduce the marionette lines and nasolabial fold, rejuvenate the facial contour and the neck.

Body threads or polydioxanone (PDO) threads stimulate collagen production to treat body flaccidity, as well as rejuvenate the skin of the thighs, knees, hands, inner arms, abdomen and buttocks without undergoing surgery. They are implanted at the level of the dermis to achieve a redensification of the skin.



The synthesis of structural proteins induced by the tensor threads produces numerous therapeutic effects:

• Cutaneous redensification: The threads stimulate fibroblasts, which produce collagen and elastin. These fibers increase the elasticity and density of tissues.

• Firmness (lifting effect): The new collagen and elastin act as a support network for the skin, so flaccidity decreases and the skin regains firmness.

• Smoothness and luminosity: The facial threads also stimulate the microcirculation of the area, so that the skin is more oxygenated, smooth and luminous.

• Prevention: The revitalization of the tissues slows down the progress of aging and flaccidity.

Each thread is placed at the dermal or subcutaneous level guided by a small caliber needle, so the treatment is a minimally traumatic procedure. The number of threads required will depend on the patient's skin conditions and the points that need to be treated.

The results of firmness and tension of the skin can be maintained for a period of between 12 to 18 months. It is recommended to carry out an annual maintenance treatment to ensure the continuity of the results.



As the years go by, we cannot prevent our skin from losing tightness, and even

produce wrinkles, expression marks. In short, the appearance of the signs of aging is

developing in all people, some more intensely than others, what is certain is

that nobody gets rid of the passing of the years.


Tension Threads give us a second chance, they offer us the possibility of rejuvenating

our face, a lifting effect that will make our face recover its tension and appearance

rejuvenated, in short, they will make our skin look more vital and we will see ourselves

radiant, without any trace of our old markings.

In addition to managing to improve our external appearance, the Tensioning Threads cause our

The body gradually recovers the production of collagen, as it is also stimulated.

In short, we find in the tensor threads a non-aggressive aesthetic treatment with large

results and many added benefits.



• Its effects last between 1 and 2 years.

• It is a short procedure, lasting between 30 and 60 minutes.

• The threads are invisible to the eye and imperceptible to the touch.

• They only require anesthetic cream.

• They do not cause allergies or rejection.

• The patient can return to normal activity immediately.

They are compatible with other treatments such as regenerative therapy with growth factors, mesotherapy, botulinum toxin or hyaluronic acid fillers.



Recommendations before performing the procedure

In order to optimize the results and prevent possible side effects, the following is recommended:

• Take vitamin C the days before treatment, as it stimulates collagen synthesis.

• Avoid anticoagulant substances, such as aspirin.

• Avoid stimulants such as coffee, cola or tobacco the days before treatment.





Once the treatment is done, we recommend that the patient carry out a series of cares at her home:

• Apply local cold at the end of the treatment and during the first hours that follow.

• Wash the treated area gently 5 hours after treatment, avoiding sudden movements.

• Do not perform intense massages in the treated area until after a month.

In case bruises appear.